Worlds First Cyborg rodent

Scientists in Britain have created the Worlds first Cyborg rodent by using neurons from the brain of a rat and meshing them into a small wheeled robot.

What I’m hoping to see as the endgame from this is actual cybernetics to assist people with lost limbs. When I say ‘actual’ cybernetics, I mean things that are meshed with the users nervous system, not things with EMF receivers that pick it up remotely and can’t produce feedback. On a side note, my wife, Serina is waiting for a chance to have a tiny piston inserted into her ear to replace the tiny bones there which are fusing together making her deaf. I claim this will make her a cyborg (and she disagrees), but tech like this will unarguably make the recipient a cyborg.

This is awesome technology, but I can’t be the only one who thinks it’s more than a little creepy that they’ve ripped out bits of a rats brain then forcibly wielded them to a circuit board?