76% of big business is getting more Linux servers

adding to what I said a few days ago about the rise in the numbers of Linux desktops on the internet, today I also stumbled (almost literally) onto a news article at network world from Tuesday about the uptake of Linux servers.

According to the article, 76% of large organisations are planning to add linux servers, while only 41% are adding windows servers (presumably this means 17% are adding both) over the next year. And in the next 5 years the percentage adding windows servers drops to 21%.

This is where Linux has it’s greatest hold of course, on the big iron behind the server room door, and windows apears to be losing market share. Although I don’t have numbers to back it up, I suspect that BSD is taking some of windows share too.

What I really want to see is more network appliance home servers on the market. You see them some times advertised as NAS or firewall boxes, often with BSD or some variant running them. What this means is that the *nixes are playing to their strengths rather than trying to be something that they’re not (great strides are being made in the desktops direction, though). When I still had one, this is how my multi OS network worked, the XP boxes talking to a Debian server that did fairly much everything. Now I’ve gone windows free at home and not looked back, but the idea of a Linux home server for windows desktops is still a good one and I really hope that some OEM picks up the idea and runs with it.